Being positive

The Problem with Optimism

untitled_by_marinacoric-d6d9bitDespite my depression I have always thought of myself as an optimistic person, until the day my therapist told me to stop…

People who seem to be the happiest are those that are the most optimistic. Because of this, there is a lot of push to be optimistic.

Now, I’m not saying that optimism is a bad thing but it is a problem. A problem because, like me, most people do it wrong. (more…)

The Secret to Raising Resilient Children

mother-1039765_1280Every single day I sit down and open up the news on my iPad or see what news is featured in the trending box on Facebook. Each of these times I am confronted with the reality that, despite the great life that I have, the world that I live in can be a scary place. “Murder!” “Terrorist attacks!” “Accidents!” “Death!” the headlines read and I can feel my heart racing because in spite of trying to separate myself from someone else’s reality I know the world’s stress gets to me. If that is how I get hearing the news, I cannot imagine how it must affect children. Children are so impressionable and as an adult and a future parent I want to help my children excel regardless of what is going on around them, but could the answer possibly be so simple? (more…)