The Greatest Gift (Day 12)

santa-manger.jpgWe walked down the streets of Temple Square. The lights sparked as they surrounded me. The cold biting my exposed cheeks. While standing in front of the temple my activity days leader handed me a shiny little golden box with a bow on top. All of us girls were so excited to see what could be wrapped in this beautiful present.

When I first opened it I was very disappointed. But as time went on I grew to understand and truly appreciated it. (more…)

Being Awakened (Day 10)

young-woman-partaking-sacrament_1179143_inlThe shiny tray comes around to me. I grab a piece of bread as I pass the tray to the person next to me. As I partake of the bread I think about how long it has been since I wore a dress and sat in a physical chapel. It was nice to hear the sounds of children crying. It reminded me that I was in an actual ward. (more…)

Looking in a Mirror (Day 9)

girl-looking-in-mirror-e1305836821929It’s difficult to look in a mirror. I see all of my imperfections and dwell on them. I constantly feel as if I am never good enough. I continually compare myself to everyone around me. I don’t forgive myself for mistakes. I think I am unworthy for love when I sin.

You know what? I am a professional at how to make myself completely miserable. “The Living Christ” section nine speaks a truth that I need to better comprehend: (more…)

The Debt (Day 7)

This was it, this was the moment. This was the place. I felt it so strongly that my heart felt like it was going to leap out of my chest. It was time for me to enter an eating disorder treatment center and I knew the one that I was going to be the best for me. The only problem was that there was $2,000 down payment in order to be admitted.

claves-para-entender-como-se-devuelve-la-clausula-sueloMy husband and I did not have that kind of money lying around. We talked about selling our own possessions but nothing we had was worth that much. No matter how we looked at it, we could not afford the down payment. (more…)

Faith in Christ (Day 6)

man-studying-pondering-scriptures_1180174_inlYou want the truth? Okay, the answer is no. No, I haven’t. I never have seen Jesus Christ. I’ve felt his presence. I’ve read his words. But I have never seen him face to face.

The sixth part of the “The Living Christ” reads:

Of the Living Christ, the Prophet Joseph wrote: “His eyes were as a flame of fire; the hair of his head was white like the pure snow; his countenance shone above the brightness of the sun; and his voice was as the sound of the rushing of great waters, even the voice of Jehovah,

Joseph Smith saw God the Father and his son, Jesus Christ. I haven’t. Because of that, sometimes a voice deep down inside of me asks, “Well then, how do you really know he’s real?” (more…)